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Apps Factory

We Develop, Monetize and Market Mobile Games across multiple platforms.


We deliver a tailored end to end technological, design and brand solutions for games across all platforms

  • Elli's Wings

    Elli's Toys - Design and Development

  • Stunt 3D Planes

    Rhino Games Studio - Design and Development

  • Helicopter Battle

    Rhino Games Studio - Design and Development

  • Jet Ski Sport 3D

    Rhino Games Studio - Design and Development


We love playing and creating casual games, Our goal is to deliver those games to players around the world


we specialize in:










High end, cross platform game development


We specialise in developing game engines and game infrastructures that allow us and our partners to produce multi platform high end games at minimal time.

By approaching the crucial development stage with the right mindset and experience to maintain an aggressive time to market process we insure our partners a high ROI while keeping quality and montization up.


2D/3D design

3D modelling and 2D design to make any game shine

2D/3D design

No matter what game you want to create you will find a professional one stop shop here at apps factory

Our company has some of the best 2D designers to make your game and characters with... character. If you wish to create awesome mobile ready assets you will find our modelling team can keep those modules life real and optimised for a mobile ready experience at the same time.



Create your mobile gaming brand in a one stop shop


In todays apps eco system if you want to improve your chances of success you need to have a brand.

Players learn to expect and love and download more games from recognised brands then from an unbranded app developers. We at apps factory can hook you up with a high number of apps, all built to generate downloads and monetize well. We will produce pixel perfect AAA standard Icons, Previews, Brand Logo and splash pages that will really shine on Istore or Google play. We will produce Super exciting and addicting games either on a single game niche or not, the choose is yours. Your brand logo will be visible for player in the games and out side of it. Creating a brand by quickly building an awesome portfolio with apps optimised for making money are the proven methods to start generating revenue in the app business.



We have over 43 million downloads, Let us help your game

Marketing startegy

Getting your app in to the market and generating downloads in todays market is a task better left to professionals.

Cross marketing techniques, Aso or Seo and creating the best value campaign that will both skyrocket it in the charts and maintain a positive ROI are all things we do on a daily basis for our games and our partners. If you want to know more about our marketing suits please contact us